Anti Fatigue Comfort Series Mat Review

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Does standing for even just a few minutes already make your feet hurt? You’re not just getting older; it’s likely because you’re not giving proper cushion to your feet when doing work standing up. Read up this review of the Anti-Fatigue Comfort Series Mat to see what you’re in for with this mat.



These are the objective qualities that differentiate this Anti-Fatigue Comfort Series Mat from its alternatives in the market.

  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 18” x 30”
  • Thickness: 0.8”
  • Color: Black

Every mat also comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, which is already telling of its durability. This mat promises a longer lifespan than most tools and appliances in your house!

Kitchen mat

Mat Features

This mat is meant to prevent fatigue. It’s backed up by these specific features that all collectively contribute to that function. Below, we’ve listed 4 notable features this mat offers that make it a great product.

Solid Construction

Since you’ll be stepping on the mat and placing all of your weight on it, having a strong, durable design is a crucial element! This anti-fatigue mat is made of 100% tear-resistant polyurethane. It’s created with a single solid piece of the said material, meaning none of the parts are glued or stitched together at the seams.

This feature ensures the mat will not easily open up or tear due to the break down of glue. It follows that you wouldn’t encounter any problems with it splitting, tearing, or forming bubbles inside.

Gel-Like Fill

When stepped on, the area of the mat touched by your feet is pushed down slightly. This is because of the gel-like foam filling inside the thick mat.

This forms a layer of protection against flooring with extremely hard surfaces such as tile, which prevents the fatigue from developing in your feet and legs. It’s also why this mat is considered thicker than average mats you’ll find on the market.

Overall, it’s a comfortable mat and the padding can be felt whether you’re barefoot or wearing shoes. The material also feels durable, so there’s little worry that it would rip over time.

Firm Surface

Even when the mat loses form when stepped on or when force is applied onto it, it quickly regains its original form. Its surface is firm in that way and hard to budge. This makes sure the mat is gentle enough for the feet but won’t disintegrate quickly.

Liquid Proof

Being liquid proof is a more accurate description for this mat than just being waterproof because it is resistant to the most common household liquids. Water, cooking oil, gasoline, motor oil, and grease won’t penetrate through the solid polyurethane material.

On top of this, it’s extremely easy to clean any spills off this mat because of the material. Whereas other kinds of mats may be soiled from the mentioned stain-inducing fluids, this mat can withstand almost all of them. It’s safe to use this mat in the kitchen or even in the garage.

What We Like About the Mat

To quickly summarize what we like the most about the mat, we appreciate its comfort and durability.

The mat seems very sturdy and durable just from the feel of it. What we commend the most is its comfortable level of resistance that’s enough to make the leg muscles constantly contract upon first contact. It even has the possibility to make you stand upright, relieving stress from the back.

When doing work standing up where the legs are stationary to the mat, you won’t worry that your legs and feet are not receiving consistent blood flow causing fatigue later on. It makes you quite confident about standing for long periods without the risk of pain.

If you are using the mat in your garage to work on your car and are on your knees a lot, the mat also helps in relieving pressure here.

Anti fatigue comfort series mat

What We Don’t Like About the Mat

The biggest disadvantage to this mat is its small size. The dimensions are no larger than the length of common kitchen drawers. Though it has many good benefits, it doesn’t cover much area and can only accommodate one pair of adult feet at a time.

With dimensions comparable to that of front door mats, it falls at a disadvantage against other mats that can cover the length of the side of the kitchen counter, for example. With how small it is, you might still have to constantly move it around to take advantage of its perks.

Final Thoughts

The many advantages of the Anti-Fatigue Comfort Series mat outweighs its disadvantage. You might rather want to work around the small size of this mat because its many positive features will allow you to be able to stand long hours without experiencing fatigue. If you’re interested in reducing the foot fatigue you feel throughout the day, ​you can grab yours here