Anti-Fatigue Mats For Standing Desks

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In today’s corporate world, we have become all too familiar with what sitting down at desks for hours at a time feels like. We make spreadsheets, type in word documents, surf the web, and even check our social media when the boss isn’t looking from the comfort of a chair.

A sedentary lifestyle should never be your end goal, since it doesn’t promote a healthy body. In fact, research has shown that Americans spend an upwards of 90% of their time in a sitting position.

Young Man Standing On Anti Fatigue Mat

Regardless of whether you exercise on a regular basis, the amount of time you spend sitting should measure proportional to the time you spend standing if you’re striving to lead a healthy lifestyle.

For this reason, many offices have incorporated the use of standing desks for their employees. These desks help employees be more productive, and maintain an overall higher level of energy than if they were sitting all day. But what exactly do these desks do for our health, and are there problems that arise from them?


Benefits Of Standing Desks

The year 2017 reaffirms the fact that we live in a digital world. It not surprising that people spend so much of their time sitting down. You have inventions like the cell phone, tablet, and the computer to thank for the sitting epidemic that’s plaguing our society.

In fact, when we sit for too long the following things occur within our bodies:

  • Our metabolism slows down at alarming rates because the enzyme responsible for burning fat is shut off while sitting. This metabolic change can lead to weight gain and even worse- morbid obesity
  • Blood circulation becomes restricted
  • Muscles turn off; thus connective tissues tighten limiting our mobility, flexibility, and strength
  • We experience neck, back, and shoulder pain

For these reasons, it is best that we avoid sitting for extended periods of time when possible. A great way to do so is by using a standing desk while working. If your office hasn’t made the switch to standing desks, then now might be the time to do so.

In recent years, scientists have been conducting research on how standing and changing our sitting habits benefit our bodies. They have found that exercising 1-2 hours a day does not offset the harmful effects this sedentary lifestyle takes on us. Instead, standing for 10% more of your day can make us healthier.

It also:

  • Increases the size and strength of our leg muscles
  • Prevents blood clots and cardiovascular disease by creating a stable flow of blood to and from the heart to other parts of the body
  • Increases individual awareness, as well as a focus on current tasks at hand

Design & Build

Moreover, standing desks vary in shape, size, and price, so you have a lot to choose from. These options run from sleek, elegant metal desks to the cheap wooden desk you can make on your own.

Negative Effects

Even with all the benefits that standing desks provide, you should expect a couple of drawbacks that primarily includes foot pain. To alleviate stress formed in the legs, knees, and back you have to place it elsewhere. Typically, individuals standing for extended periods of time transfer this stress onto their feet.

Woman Holding For Painfull Foot

Placing this stress on your feet can lead to foot pain, and in the worst-case scenario, swollen feet and ankles. Most individuals claim they become accustomed to this pain and that it decreases over time as their body grows familiar with standing for long time frames.

You would assume by now that there would be a solution to this side-effect of standing desks. There is. It is Anti-fatigue mats.

What Is An Anti-Fatigue Mat?

After the prevalence of standing desks began to grow, individuals began to experience different kinds of pain that primarily involved body fatigue. The unsatisfied customers started to push standing desk manufacturers to solve the very problem that was ironically created by a solution.

The result of this push was an item called an, ?Anti-fatigue Mat? that is specially designed to combat the fatigue that accompanies standing for long time frames They are often used on hard floors, cement, and other surfaces commonly present in office environments.


Anti-fatigue mats are produced using either a single material or multiple substances that when mixed form an even more durable material which extends the mat’s lifespan. Common materials used to create anti-fatigue mats:

  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • arrow-rightCarpet

Health Benefits

Anti-fatigue mats have been proven by scientific research to reduce foot pain, as well as lower limb disorders associated with standing desks. These mats combat the negative effects caused by the combination of hard floors, standing for extended periods of time, and uncomfortable shoes. They provide an alternative platform to stand on.

Furthermore, anti-fatigue mats absorb the shock the body feels when pressing feet to the ground. Additionally, the cushioning created by softer substances, prevents fatigue in the feet.

This cushioning provided in the mat causes the muscles in the feet and legs to contract and grow slightly. This small amount of muscle movement leads to increased blood flow, consequentially benefiting the cardiovascular and muscular system within the body.

Ultimately, you?re going to save more money purchasing one of these mats than if you let medical bills build up.

Design & Build

Anti-fatigue mats, similarly to standing desks, come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Some mats are incredibly thick, while others are thin. Some mats provide elasticity while others do not. It is essential to know what kind of mat best suits your body’s needs.


People have made advances towards living healthier lifestyles with the invention and usage of standing desks, but there are still kinks we have to work out with this invention.

Man Working At Standing Desk

Anti-fatigue mats serve to function as a response to address some of the problems that standing desks cause. These mats are proven effective in offsetting the harmful effects brought about by standing too long, which reduces the adverse effects caused by standing desks.

If you’re considering purchasing a standing desk, I would highly advise you to add an anti-fatigue mat to your cart since these two products work best together. This means you can make the most out of what both office tools have to offer, without having to worry about harmful side effects.

Ultimately, anti-fatigue mats are a worthy investment, especially if you?re employed in a setting that requires you to stand for long periods of time.