4 Reasons to Consider a Back Pain Belt

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When you are dealing with chronic back pain in your day-to-day routines, it can be hard to find relief. There are so many factors that cause back pain in men and women that it can be difficult to pinpoint what is causing your pain. When you need some relief, it is really smart to look into a back-pain belt.


Why Should You Consider a Back Pain Belt?

Wearing a back brace is never a bad idea. It can help with:

  • Supporting lifting
  • Limiting bending
  • Keeping posture
  • Reducing force

While these sound like simple things, there is a lot more force and agitation put on your spine when you bend to lift a heavy object. These detailed reasons are why you should consider investing in a back-pain belt. Here are some steps you can take to improve your chronic back pain.

Woman with back pain

Lifting Support

If you are wearing a back-pain belt, when you lift something it will automatically begin working. It will help keep your back straight, limit bending at the waist, and will help support your back as you use those muscles to lift. It offers a trifecta of support for your back muscles and spine.

However, many people avoid using back braces. They believe using one will in turn weaken the back because those muscles won’t be used as much. This is true, if you wear a back brace all the time. Only people who have been advised by a doctor should wear a back brace all day and while they sleep.

For the average person, wearing a back brace for a few hours per day will not cause any harm, weaken the muscles. or have side effects. You will still be able to use and work your muscles throughout the day once you take the back brace off.

If you are concerned about dealing with weakened muscles, aim to wear a back brace when you will be putting strain on your spine from lifting, bending, or twisting. To help strengthen your core muscles (which include your lower back and spine muscles) then incorporating a daily working routine will jumpstart you to better core health.

Reduces Your Ability to Bend

When you are actively lifting and moving heavy items, it opens you up to causing or aggravating back injuries. This is why so many safety posters show people wearing back braces when they are showing how to properly lift objects.

When you bend at the hips, this stretches your muscles and the ligaments in your back. While stretching is good for your body, adding a large weight that is being lifted can overstretch and harm those muscles. Bending from your waist can also cause the discs between your vertebrae to move back.

When these muscles and ligaments become overstretched, they become weakened and are unable to support the spine. This will give you dual pain since the muscles will ache from being overstretched, as well as the bones and ligaments will hurt from the lack of support.

If you do a lot of lifting or have to do a lot of bending daily, you should start wearing a back brace. When worn properly, a back belt will limit your ability to bend forward to pick up items.

Posture Correction

Most people don’t consider their posture is bad or one of the causes of chronic back pain. If your posture is off, even just a little, it can add pain and discomfort when you are working and moving.

Your posture is so important because it keeps your spine straight from your neck muscles all the way down to your hips. When your spine is aligned correctly, it reduces the labor put on your body. It also keeps your bones and joints in the correct position, so your muscles are being used the right way, reducing over-strain.

Keeping good posture will reduce the weight put on your lower back. It is so easy for you to slouch when sitting. This bad posture position is one of the leading causes of lower back pain in office environments.

Using a back brace or back pain belt keeps your core muscles tight and forces your body to keep a good posture all day whether you are sitting or standing. Keeping your good posture will help build up your core muscles. Good posture also has the power to improve your whole day.

Reduces the Force Put on Your Spine

When you wear the proper sized back brace, it hugs your spine and gives it support. It, in turn, reduces the force that is put on your spine when you are lifting heavy items. This protects your spine from taking on all the weight and feeling strained.

The support also makes sure the vertebrae in your back do not bend or rub together. This can happen because the discs in your back are not compressed when you lift, leaving them susceptible to damage and agitation.

Wearing a back-pain brace will help you lift longer because you are not using as much force on your back, core and spine when you lift. This helps with all day long lifting and hard labor jobs.

A Back Brace for Pregnant Women

Women who are expecting deal with constant back pain as their belly continues to grow. This is because your center of gravity changes as your belly increases in size. The change in your center causes your back to sway forward to make up for the growing weight in the front.

Pregnant women can combat this chronic back pain by incorporating a maternity back brace such as the NEOtech Care Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt.

This belt cradles your stomach as it gives your lower back the support that it needs.

You should always consult your doctor when pregnant to make sure a maternity back pain belt would be safe for you to use. These belts should only be worn for a few hours each day and will adjust to fit your belly as it continues to grow.


Whether you are a man or a woman, if you sit or stand all day, a back-pain belt is a great piece to add to your daily wardrobe. You can wear it for a few hours, or throughout your entire workday to keep good posture, help with lifting and reduce overall back strain.