Bertech Anti Fatigue Floor Mat Review

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Have your feet have been killing you due to the stress your job places on your body? It could be from lifting heavy loads or just due to standing up,. If so, you should consider using a mat that was developed for the purpose of reducing some of that stress which builds up in your feet. This stress can eventually impact your spine.

Several anti fatigue mats available are made with varying technologies. This makes some models more ideal than others in preventing fatigue from occurring in the feet and legs. Most people end up having to test several anti fatigue mats before they can find the one that best suits their body?s needs.

Out of all the anti fatigue mats available, an ESD anti fatigue mat is the most often preferred one. It contains anti-static properties that create the best environment for your feet while you’re standing at your workstation.

These mats are made of a polyvinyl chloride material that has a foamy consistency to it. A majority of people prefer it since it balances out the pressure your feet have to put up with to support the rest of your body.

When it comes to figuring out if you want an anti fatigue mat that’s specifically tailored for in-home purposes or whether you want one that is meant for industrial use, you should always choose the industrial one over the in-home one every time.

You can tell if an anti fatigue mat is an industrial one when its thickness level measures at least 3/8 inches high. This is an ideal starting point in regards to how thick your anti fatigue mat should be.

Bertech ESD Mat

You?ll want an industrial anti fatigue mat over an in-home one because it?s guaranteed to last longer and withstand higher levels of weight and use. The cost will offset the benefits.

If you are currently interested in buying an anti fatigue mat, you?re in luck. We found one of the superior manufacturers that produces a bestselling anti fatigue mat. The company is Bertech.

Bertech goes above and beyond to try and provide individuals with the office and household tools to ensure optimal productivity, so your body doesn’t have to pay the price.

Bertech is a leader in the personal protective equipment industry. So, it’s no surprise that their bestselling item is, in fact, Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat. The Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat comes in a simple gray color. It provides unparalleled levels of comfort for your feet.

Keep reading for a detailed review of Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat.


About The Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

If you’re in dire need of a tool that will alleviate the stress your feet have to endure by standing all day, you should put your trust in Bertech. Take advantage of what it has to offer in regards to anti fatigue floor mats.

For those looking for a particular anti fatigue mat, you can?t go wrong with choosing Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat. It contains advanced technology that is impossible to find in other anti fatigue mats.


  • arrow-right?Material: PVCMaterial: PVC
  • arrow-right?Made in the USAMade in the USA
  • arrow-right?Available in 12 Different SizesAvailable in 12 Different Sizes
  • arrow-right?Thickness: 0.375 inchesThickness: 0.375 inches
  • arrow-right?Color: GreyColor: Grey
  • arrow-right?Slip ResistantSlip Resistant
  • arrow-right?WaterproofWaterproof
  • arrow-right?Resistant to Harsh ChemicalsResistant to Harsh Chemicals
  • arrow-right?Embossed PatternEmbossed Pattern

?Advanced Supportive Technology

In regards to construction design, Bertech Anti Fatigue Floor Mat permits effective static charge removal at a rate that isn’t damaging. This means that while the constant stream of static charge is occurring, your feet will experience blood circulation that wouldn’t be possible if not for the ESD static property that comes with Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat.

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Insider Thoughts

Buyers rave about Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat being the ideal supportive mat. This is especially true in professional laboratory settings. It is specifically resistant and won’t show signs of degradation when exposed to inorganic acids, detergent solutions, organic acids, mineral oil, or alcohol solutions.

As a side note, you should be aware that the Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat doesn’t develop stains as a result of the accidental spilling of particular solutions and chemicals that are known to leave behind a mark or two.



  • plus?Waterproof & Resistant to Corrosive Solutions
  • plus?Affordable
  • plus?Easy to Clean
  • plus?High Surface Sensitivity
  • plus?Particularly Useful in a Static Sensitive Environment
  • plus?Dog Hair Won?t Stick
  • plus?Lightweight: Weighs 20 pounds
  • minus?Picks Up Stains Alarmingly Quick
  • minus?Dirt Gets Easily Embedded in Embossed Pattern
  • minusOnly Comes in One Color: Gray

??Buyer Advice

Based on positive customer reviews, if you’ve suffered from back problems because of your particular line of work, you should do your body a favor and buy yourself a Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat.

A majority of buyers end up having jobs that involve everything from renovation to construction-related work.?These jobs require individuals to stand on their feet all day, renovating everything from homes to apartments.

You can avoid having to force your feet to deal with a majority of pain when you equip them with a sturdy mat piece that will provide the solution you’ve been searching for. Keep in mind that a Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat comes with anti-static properties. This makes it even more useful if you’re utilizing it in an environment that contains a lot of electronics.

Where Can I Buy?

Out of all the online vendors that specifically sell the Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat, the only online retailer buyers consistently order from is Amazon. Even though that for this particular anti fatigue floor mat, Amazon does not offer any discounts, it does ensure the most reliable shipping.

Bertech ESD Texture

For under $120, a Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat could be laid down on your workstation, ready to help protect your feet and back from eroding away and preventing your body from becoming useless after a couple of years of intensive work.


This is the perfect anti fatigue floor mat if you expect to work in an electronically dominate environment that can range from a laboratory to a construction site. If you’re a project manager on the lookout for some mats that will increase your workers’ productivity, you shouldn’t think twice. Put your order in for a couple Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mats.

I would highly recommend buying a Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat if your body can no longer keep up with your intensive work life. You might avoid having to visit your doctor. In the long run, Bertech ESD Anti Fatigue Floor Mat will save you money and your body as well.