Comfort Mat CumulusPRO Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat Review

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Are you experiencing troubles with standing for a long time at work or while cooking and washing dishes? We know the perfect solution to your problem, an anti-fatigue mat. Why struggle all day and risk your own health, when you can invest in a great anti-fatigue mat that will keep your muscles and posture just right?

One of the key reasons to purchase the anti-fatigue mat is your health. Standing for long periods of time without rest breaks can cause mild to serious health problems. These include headaches, backaches, sore feet, slouching, swelling of the legs, varicose veins, cardiovascular disorders, and much more.

Still, how do you know which anti-fatigue mat is the best? Worry no more. We have researched the market and found out which models of mat offer the best properties, prices, designs, and functions.

Today, we talk about the reviews and characteristics of the CumulusPRO Commercial Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat.


About The Product

The CumulusPRO Commercial Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat is the perfect anti-fatigue mat for those, who look for the mix of quality and beautiful design. This mat offers many beneficial features that will make your life much easier. The mat by Imprint Comfort Mats is very durable and functional.

It has a waterproof surface, which is easily washable. It also is resistant to stains and puncture. Moreover, this CumulusPRO Commercial Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat is made from polyurethane which provides the extra flexibility to the mat.

This Cumulus PRO mat also features the no-curl edges and stay-flat memory technology, which significantly decreases the trip hazard. The nonslip underneath of the mat keeps the Cumulus Pro mat in place.

The manufacturer of this anti-fatigue mat is an American company, Sublime Marketing Group LLC. Sublime Marketing Group LLC is producing environmentally friendly products, such as coolers, reusable water bottles, fitness and yoga accessories, and anti-fatigue mats.


The key properties of this Cumulus Pro ergonomic mat comprise:

  • Cushion-Core Technology to reduce fatigue and increase comfort and productivity
  • Eye pleasing design
  • No-curl edges to reduce trip hazard
  • Non-slip bottom to keep mat in place
  • Flexible polyurethane construction
  • High-density core – high level of consistent support over time
  • Lifelong 100% satisfaction guarantee. In case you don’t like your new Imprint Comfort Mat, you can exchange or return it
  • Waterproof surface
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute American Chiropractic Association (ACA) Partner

This CumulusPRO Commercial Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat is the best option for those, whose job requires standing and walking for long periods of time without rest breaks. The Cushion-Core Technology is proved to significantly reduce fatigue and increase comfort and productivity at the workplace.

Which Results Will You Get When Using CumulusPRO?

The mat is able to reduce fatigue and the ache that is caused by prolonged standing on the hard floors by up to 60%.

The material of this mat offers superior standing support and comfort. It is also anti-microbial and resistant to abrasion and puncture.

This model’s competitive advantage is its eco smart anti-fatigue cushioning system. This technology adds extra cushioning comfort that lasts all day. The mat is highly supportive and solid enough to withstand the pressure over time.

What Others Say?

Reading customer reviews is a must when you are planning to buy any product from the Internet. Therefore, we have examined over a dozen of customer reviews about this CumulusPRO anti-fatigue mat.

Based on the positive reviews, we can say that the customers definitely favor the durability and sturdiness of this mat. The testimonials noted that even through the time, the beveled edges of this mat won’t curl up, which is usually a problem with other conventional mats. Owners of this CumulusPRO anti-fatigue mat placed the mat either in the kitchen or at their workplace.

Based on the reviews, both options worked just great. People noted the firmness of the mat that provides extra support for the feet. Besides, reviews stated this anti-fatigue mat has an optimal size and can be easily cleaned.

The fact that this mat is waterproof was also largely complimented.

Overall, we can sum up the advantages of the Imprint Comfort Mat into the following:

  • Durable and puncture resistant
  • Antimicrobial surface
  • Firm enough to provide extra support
  • Perfect size
  • No-curl edges and non-slip surface for safer usage
  • Beautiful design
  • Lifelong 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Features Ecosmart anti-fatigue cushioning system

Buying Advice

If you want to purchase the CumulusPRO Commercial Couture Strata Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat, you will need some additional information about this product beforehand.


The Sublime Marketing Group LLC provides an unconditional lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee for this item.

Where To Buy?

After reviewing a number of deals on the Internet, we have picked Amazon. Now, is selling the CumulusPRO Commercial Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat for around $80 with free shipping.

Free shipping means that your order will be delivered within 5-8 business days after all your items are available to ship, including any pre-order items.

Currently, the CumulusPRO Commercial Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat is available in stock.


This CumulusPRO Commercial Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat is a good buy for those who are searching for the great kitchen or office anti-fatigue mat.

The product has superior durability and provides great comfort for tired feet with the help of its special technology. We would recommend buying this mat since the price is also very attractive and this is definitely a sensible investment.