16 Jobs that Need an Anti Fatigue Mat

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While some office day jobs mean sitting at your desk for 8 hours a day, others require standing. These jobs need a break from standing all day every day. In this article, we find out which positions require an anti-fatigue mat, so workers can fight sore feet and aching backs.


Health Risks from Standing All Day

Standing all day can hurt in a lot of places. However, standing all day for a prolonged period of time can cause chronic back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders. This may surprisingly double the risks of cardiovascular failures much more than sitting.

In a study conducted by the University of Sydney in Australia, it was found that performing manual labor in awkward positions can increase risks of lower back pain by up to 8 times. As for other musculoskeletal disorders, the chances are high as well.

In addition, according to one study, occupations that didn’t have an opportunity to sit at their jobs were twice as likely to develop heart problems, and the risks are almost the same as that of smokers. It is also important to note that people who stood for extended hours every day were at a much greater risk than those who sat down all day. That doesn’t mean sitting is great for your health either, however.

Now if you’re worried about making use of your standing desk, don’t. Using a standing desk will not increase your chances, as you will still have the chance to sit when you feel tired. These health hazards only apply to jobs that don’t have the option of sitting.

16 Jobs That Need an Anti-Fatigue Mat

To avoid complications from built up stress and tension on our bodies, using an anti-fatigue mat can aid in absorbing unwanted pain and discomfort on our aching backs and feet. Let’s explore 16 jobs which need an anti-fatigue mat.

House Cleaners

House cleaners arrive at your homes with one sole purpose. They clean it. From top to bottom, they scrub floors, wash windows, vacuum carpet, and more. Without taking any breaks, they go through all your furniture.

Sometimes they have to bend and stretch to be able to get to those hard-to-reach places. They may already be dealing with stiff necks and soreness all over. To avoid this, house cleaners could use a little help with an anti-fatigue mat to make sure no additional trouble is caused and to avoid dangerous health risks in the future.

Stay at Home Moms

If you think being a mother is a handful, think about what it’s like to be one while maintaining the household. These stay at home moms work day in and day out without any breaks in between. They do this every day and can feel tired and stressed out. Using an anti-fatigue mat could help relieve their continuous stress and tension.


These grilling gods serve up your favorite steaks and barbecue at your command. Smoke and heat, coupled by a long line of hungry customers, these guys almost never take a break from what they do best. Standing all day is already difficult, but with the added heat and pressure from the grill and the customers, it’s good to consider investing in an anti-fatigue mat to keep them working in tip-top shape.


Whether it is your favorite close-to-home canteen or that high-end specialty restaurant, these cooks work day in and day out from prep to service all morning, noon, and night. They start their day chopping vegetables, preparing dishes for their customers, and working long hours for the whole day. An anti-fatigue mat might make their lives easier.

Tired barista slumped on the pavement


Just like chefs, dishwashers have to stand by the sink almost the entire time to make sure there are always clean plates and utensils ready for use at the restaurant. Most of the time, their service is overlooked, but it is one of things that automatically comes with owning a restaurant. Having them use an anti-fatigue mat might just allow them to work faster and more efficiently, while keeping them happily doing their job.

Woodworkers and Builders

Carpenters, and people in construction all have something in common. They work long hours for days on end, sometimes in the blazing heat of the sun. While they have already grown accustomed to this working environment, it is best to consider how their jobs can take a toll on their bodies in the future. This is why they too, need anti-fatigue mats at work.

New Parents

Nursing a new born isn’t easy. Parents, especially new ones, are most likely going to suffer from back aches, stiff necks, headaches, and more. From running back and forth to fetch the baby’s milk to rocking the baby, these parents are going to have their hands full. Purchasing an anti-fatigue mat will probably lessen their discomfort and pain.


Working on cars isn’t easy. It takes time and effort to learn the ropes and become a skilled mechanic. Aside from the pressure of vehicular problems, mechanics have to work long hours in order to provide the fastest fix they can offer. They deal with soreness, pain, discomfort, and the risks of burning out. An anti-fatigue mat would probably help them work their jobs more effectively.


People who work at factories only take an hour for their breaks. They spend the rest of the 7 hours or more at their work stations, standing while manning the machines which run the factory. They keep up this single routine for the rest of their time, while they combat the discomfort and pain from standing all day. 

Anti-fatigue mats conveniently placed on their work stations would probably make working their jobs a lot easier, and they would be able to work more efficiently in the process.


From bagging the groceries to arranging cans and boxes on the shelves, people who work in your local supermarket may always approach you with smiles on their faces. However, most of the time, they have to run back and forth to assist customers. When talking about jobs that barely have time to sit down and relax, grocers are one of those who would benefit by having an anti-fatigue mat.


They may be flipping bottles and showing off cool tricks, but what we don’t realize is that it’s their responsibility to man the bar from opening to closing. From going back and forth to ask for the guests, orders to fulfilling making them, being a bartender is indeed a hustle. Growing discomfort and pain in their backs and feet could be alleviated with an anti-fatigue mat.

Security Guards

The first people we see when we enter any building are these security guards. We often take them for granted, forgetting their main purpose is to make sure the establishment is safe from any potential predators and harm. They work long hours per day, sometimes even at night.

They may not show it, but while battling potential harm, they also battle sore feet and discomfort from being on duty. Using an anti-fatigue mat may help keep them working efficiently.

Hair Stylists

Whether you’ve booked an appointment or you simply walk in, these hair stylists’ schedules are always full. From complicated hair cuts to extravagant coloring jobs, each customer probably takes at least an hour. These hair stylists have to stand the entire time.

It is almost unavoidable they have to do so for their entire shift as there is always a line of customers waiting. To avoid wearing them out, an anti-fatigue mat may help relieve unwanted stress and pressure.

Bank Tellers

From morning to late afternoon, and evening to some, these bank tellers have to grace the long lines of people waiting to have their money deposited or withdrawn. Coupled with the heavy pressure of working with money, they already have a lot to think about. Sore feet and an aching back no longer need to add to the stress they deal with on a daily basis.

Using an anti-fatigue mat for bank tellers may not just boost their mood and energy, but it might also increase their working accuracy.


Giving guests a warm welcome as they enter through the cafĂ© doors isn’t an easy task when you’ve been doing it for the past 8 hours standing. Taking orders and making drinks while making sure everyone is happy adds pressure, and tension on their feet and backs. Placing anti-fatigue mats on these coffee warriors’ work stations might make it a whole lot easier for them to maintain their hospitality without wearing them out.


Whether they’re guarding doors to an establishment or accompanying some VIPs in an event, bouncers deal with a lot of things. They block people, maintain order, and make sure everyone is safe. While they may not seem to be affected by their jobs physically, the continuous effort will take a toll on their bodies eventually.

Making use of an anti-fatigue mat might not only reduce tension, but they may also be able to do their jobs more efficiently.


Even when at work, it is important to consider how our body is taking in all of what we’re doing to it. Despite the need to pay the bills, we should also think about how prolonged standing can impact our overall health. We recommend these 16 jobs use an anti-fatigue mat to avoid further complications.