Four Tips On How To Reduce Standing Fatigue

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Regardless of whether your job consists of you working in an office environment or an industrial one, you are still vulnerable to developing some form of body pain. In fact, there is a very high chance that your body feels sore at the end of the workday.

It doesn?t matter if you?re standing for hours on end or sitting down in order to effectively complete your job because body pain is an inevitable result. In Switzerland, the Department of Health Sciences performed a study that revealed some shocking results regarding the issue of worker fatigue.

The team of scientists figured out that if you stand for more than five hours a day to to complete your job, then you are highly likely to develop muscle fatigue in your lower body region.

Man Stretching On Job

This type of muscle fatigue will not simply prove to be uncomfortable for your lower body, but you’re susceptible to develop long-term back problems as well as other muscle based disorders.

Other than how standing for long time frames affects your general overall physique, standing also affects your mental acuity as well. It?s safe to say that a low performing brain translates to a decrease in worker productivity.

For those who don?t believe that some foot pain will translate to you not working to your full potential, let us break it down for you. The Journal of the American Medical Association performed a study that proved all our deductions to be true.

In fact, this Journal of the American Medical Association found out that over 70 percent of workers were less productive in their work environment because of increased levels of discomfort.

So, the pain your body undergoes on a consistent basis directly affects your ability to perform your job optimally. It is now evident that workers who have to stand to perform their job affect all parts of the 21st-century workplace.

Standing fatigue no longer has to be a part of your life. Equip yourself with the necessary tips that make standing a tolerable part of your vocation.


Other Tips For Reducing Standing Fatigue

The first piece of advice you?ll normally hear from doctors and health experts alike is that standing mats will significantly decrease the pain you?ll end up enduring as a result of standing for hours on end, to complete your daily tasks for the day.

This option could cost you a considerable amount of money as anti fatigue standing mats are expensive to manufacture as well as ship to your door. However, if your workplace is purchasing standing mats for the entire company, then you should accept the kind offer.

Today, we will be giving you tips that rely on more than just standing mats to combat any muscle fatigue you may have to endure as a result of working on your feet all day long.

How To Stand For A Long Time?

Here are some things you should consider if you are planning to stand for a long time:

1. Make Use Of Breaks

Workplace laws are in place for the safety and comfort of the worker. Before you sign on with a particular company, you should have a thorough understanding which laws are in effect in your state.

According to most laws, a standard work environment must provide their workers with a lunch break as well as two ten to fifteen-minute breaks. Keep in mind that you must work for eight hours a day to be able to earn such benefits.

Woman Taking Coffee Time On Job

Those who have to stand to complete their job can do so much more optimally if you use your break to sit down and rest your feet. In fact other than your feet, both your back and legs will also thank you for the moment of relaxation.

If you?re lucky enough that you have the freedom to plan your breaks, then you should give yourself one every three to four hours. You shouldn?t stand for more than four hours at a time because that?s when you?re getting close to injuring your feet.

2. Anti Fatigue Insoles

Similar to anti fatigue mats, anti fatigue insoles are commonly utilized to minimize lower extremity fatigue and discomfort. You can easily fit them directly into your shoes to take advantage of the advanced comforting technology they have to offer.

In fact, anti fatigue insoles feature a spring technology whose primary purpose is to absorb and return energy between the harsh floor and your feet. This means an an even distribution of force for your feet.

Standing on your feet for hours on end won’t seem as bad when your feet feel as if they are resting on a cloud. The normal insole shape of your shoes lacks the ability to conform to your feet, which is the culprit behind the pain you may endure as a result of standing for too long.

Memory foam insoles eliminate this problem by conforming to your feet so that you can stand for longer time frames than usual. This means you have the option to? equip yourself will a tool that will make sure you operate at your best, which keeps both you and your employer happy.

3. Maintain A Proper Standing Desk Posture

A majority of physical therapists recommend that you need to maintain a certain standing posture to ensure your body doesn?t have to endure any avoidable injuries.

In fact, whenever you’re standing, you want to engage all the muscles in your body in some way, so all the pressure doesn’t directly impact your joints. You can start by squeezing your buttock muscles together as well as tightening the muscles in your abdominal area.

Keep in mind you don’t want to do so to an alarmingly exaggerated degree, because then you could potentially strain your muscles. As a general rule of thumb, you should tighten your muscles to about a 20 percent level so you can rely on them simply for support.

4. Eat A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet plays a major role in your ability to perform your best at work while standing up for hours on end. You need to eat as many foods whose primarily function is to maintain your energy levels, so you can effectively fight off fatigue.

Woman Eating Salad

You should pack foods such as bananas as a snack because they are rich in potassium, which will effectively prevent your muscles from cramping up.

On top of eating bananas, you should also remind yourself to drink loads of water because the constant hydration will minimize fatigue. This will come in handy when you have to stand, since fatigue will settle quickly if you come unprepared.


To keep fatigue from interfering with your workday, follow these recommended tips.




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