Tips for Preventing Sore Feet from Standing on Concrete All Day

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When you experience foot pain, it can be exhausting to remain on your feet for long hours. This is especially true when you are standing on hard surface like concrete. We’ve put together tips for sore feet from standing on concrete all day, so you don’t have to deal with achy feet at the end of the day. 


Tips to Help Combat Sore Feet While You Stand

While you are working or out and about, you should wear the right shoes and support to help lessen foot pain from standing on concrete. These tips can help reduce your daily foot pain and make standing for long periods more manageable.

Wear Good Shoes

Managing sore feet from standing on concrete all day begins with the shoes you are wearing. You want to make sure your shoes are new, well made, and have good support. Wearing used shoes can have the previous owner’s foot imprint in them. This can lead to an ill- fitting shoe for you.

If you are wearing the same shoes every day, you will want to replace them every six months to a year. Also, make sure you are wearing the right size shoe. Your shoe size can change as you age due to certain factors. The first line of defense to protect yourself from sore feet is to invest in good shoes for standing long hours on concrete.

Use Arch Supports

Investing in good arch supports is a great way to keep your feet comfortable all day, whether you are standing still or walking. It is important to look at the various types of inserts to make sure you find the right design to help with what your daily routine is.

Wearing arch supports can also help reduce knee pain, since it lessens the impact force your body takes in from standing on a hard surface.

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles are great for individuals that have to stand all day. The massaging ridges gently massage your feet as you walk or stand, to help keep you feet muscles from getting stiff or overworked.

You can also find a Dr. Scholl’s foot mapping center near you for a more advanced arch supporting insert.

In addition, consider picking up a high quality mat designed to go under a desk for your workplace.

Try Compression Socks

Compression socks are knees length socks that are worn to help promote blood flow through your legs and feet. This is because when you are standing still, it is difficult for your heart to pump blood down through your legs and feet then back up.

A lot of foot pain and discomfort when standing on concrete all day is because blood pools in your feet, causing swelling. Wearing compression socks compresses your legs, stimulating your muscles which in turn make each heartbeat more effective in pumping blood through your lower extremities.

When you utilize these three things while standing all day, then you will begin to notice an improvement in your foot health. If you suffer from diabetic nerve pain or other health issues, it is always wise to consult your doctor about diabetic shoes and inserts that are available to you.

Tips to Ease Sore Feet at Home

As soon as you arrive home, you can begin to detox and treat your sore feet. These tips can help you ease sore feet from standing on concrete all day and revitalize them for tomorrow.

Soak Your Feet

Soaking your feet in warm water is always a comfortable way to relax and help reduce swelling. Next time you soak, add a mixture of half vinegar (white or apple cider) and half warm water. When you soak your feet in in vinegar it gives your feet these six amazing benefits.

  • Fights fungus
  • Smoothens skin
  • Eliminates warts
  • Reduces itching
  • Neutralizes bad odors
  • Softens calluses

Vinegar has so many uses. When you use it for foot soaking, you can help improve the health of your feet after standing on concrete floors all day.

Stretch Often

Stretching your feet is a great way to relieve sore feet from standing on concrete all day. The best time to stretch is after a foot soak. This is because your muscles will be warmed and relaxed. There are some foot stretches you can do at home. However, you can also use a foam roller or other cylinder-like objects to stretch your foot.

Individuals who suffer from plantar fasciitis find great relief in simple foot stretches or rolling a frozen water bottle under their feet to help stretch out and relieve tightened muscles.

You can also use a tennis ball or invest in a ridged foam roller like the Theraband Foot Roller which come with foot exercises and can be frozen to give you a cryotherapy treatment.

Elevate Your Feet

There is a reason why it feels so good to put your feet up. This is because elevating your feet will help reduce swelling by making it easier for your heart to pump blood through your legs and feet.

There are many health benefits you can reap from taking the time to elevate your feet just 15-20 minutes a day?

You can use a simply feet elevation technique such as placing a few pillows under your feet to elevate them above your heart or you can try more advanced elevating techniques.

Massage Your Feet

Receiving a foot massage is a very relaxing way to end a long day where you have been standing still on your feet. To enhance your massage, apply lotion or oil to your hands and gently rub them across the soles of your feet.

When massaging, focus on the plantar fascia muscle. This runs from the ball of your foot all the way to the heel. Flexing your toes upward helps you feel and better massage this important muscle.

If you don’t want to massage your feet yourself, then you can invest in an electric foot massager to give you that deep tissue massage. There are many different massagers you can use, from handheld massagers to foot encasing ones MARNUR Shiatsu Deep Kneading Foot Massager that offers heating, rolling, kneading and air compression to massage your feet and relieve pain.

Bonus: If you cook and clean a lot, grab a highly reviewed kitchen mat to place at the base of your sink.


Now that you know these tips to help you at work and when you get home, you can get to work on reducing the pain of sore feet from standing on concrete all day. When you take the time to take care of your feet, then you can reap the benefits of less daily pain and better foot health.