5 Great Standing Desk Accessories

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If you’ve recently made the switch to a standing desk, chances are you might be missing out on some amazing accessories that will make your life easier and improve your health. We’ve highlighted our five favorite must-have standing desk accessories below. 

Some of the crucial standing desk accessories you must have, include the monitor raisers, keyboard height adjusters, and a desk that can move from sitting to standing. These five accessories below are something that can make your day more productive.


Anti-Fatigue Mat

Something as easy as standing on an anti-fatigue mat can make all the difference. When you are standing on flat ground, there isn’t any force that makes your legs move or readjust. You are constantly using a small group of muscles in your calves when you stand, without giving them any other movement or rest.

These cushion-based mats create an unstable platform for you to stand on. The cushion will subtly work your feet and leg muscles as you stand. This, in turn, will allow your leg muscles to work and have small breaks as you adjust your stance throughout the day.


Just because you have a standing desk does not mean that you have to stand all day. Even though your phone has a timer on it, if you frequently use your phone then a timer going off on it can distract you from working or talking on it.

A simple egg timer will work great if you want to give yourself sitting and standing time intervals. If you want to monitor your standing time or shoot to improve it, a digital timer like the Habor Digital Kitchen Multifunctioning Timer Clock for Cooking, Baking, and Exercise. This easy-to-use timer has three functions. You can set an alarm, count up the time, or use it as a regular clock.

Foam Roller

If you exercise a lot, you may already have a foam roller at home. However, if you are not familiar with them, a foam roller is a medium sized cylinder that people use during and after working out to help stretch muscles.

When you are using a stand-up desk, you are putting strain on your feet, calves, and knees. When you use a foam roller like the Fit Nation Foam Roller, you can work your lower leg and feet muscles while you stand.

It is a discrete accessory you can keep under your desk and use while you stand.

Active Seating

Active seating refers to chairs, stools, and similar seats that are unstable, allowing you to stay fit and healthy throughout the course of a sedentary work day. There are a few different types you can choose from when you are looking for some great standing desk accessories.

Leaning Chairs

These chairs are more of a perch than an actual chair. Many different designs will allow you to choose from something as simple as a padded bar to a seat. You could also invest in something as large as the Leaning Perch by Safco. This leaning chair comes with a base you can use to better angle yourself on the chair.

If you are looking for a smaller leaning chair or something that travels better than the SitGo Portable Seat is a good option for you. This collapsible chair is great for offices or using on the go.

Ball Stools

If you love using a large exercise ball, this is the type of chair for you. Ball stools are chairs that have been designed to hold exercise balls. With this type of chair, you can work on your posture, reduce back pain, build a healthier core, align your spine, and boost your energy levels.

Most chairs like the Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair come with the exercise ball inside and an exercise guide for you to use while seated at your desk. If the seat is too short, then Gaiam offers two-inch leg extenders to make the chair taller.

If you want a simpler balance ball chair, then the Gaiam Balance Disc is a great way to get similar benefits from a ball stool like chair. This disc sits on any chair and allows you to have the active chair benefits with you wherever you go.

Kneeling Chair

The ergonomic design of the kneel chair promote better posture and relieves strain put on your lower back. This is because the kneeling position on the chair eases your hips forward and aligns your back, shoulders, and neck to create a straight line.

The Boss Office Products B248 Ergonomic Kneeling Stool offers an adjustable height to fit different heights and sizing needs. A fabric padded seat offers comfort in the seat and for your knees as you sit for long periods of time.

Balance Stool

Seated upon an unstable base, such as a rounded pad, these stools force the user to balance or shift weight to keep the chair upright. While this sounds difficult, it actually isn’t. After a few moments, it allows you to perch on the chair, similar to a leaning chair.

The Giantex Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool Sitting Balance Chair for Office Stand Up Desk is a nonslip balance stool that features an easily adjustable height, a comfortable 13 diameter seat, and is made from PVC leather the bottom footstool allows you to perch and balance on the chair as you work.

These active chairs are great for helping you work on and build up your balance. They will also work your core muscles, which in turn will lead to less back pain and better overall posture.

Balance Board

A balance board is a small board you stand on that is unstable, making your muscles work to keep you upright and balance on the board. There are various types you can use, some boards like the Simply Fit 30043 The Abs, Legs, Core Workout Balance Board are an all in one curved board you can use to balance and do simple twisting exercises on.

A more challenging balance board is the Indo Board Balance Board Original Training Package. This balance board is a flat, ergonomically curved platform you use to balance on a disconnected foam roller. With the separate pieces it can be a bit more difficult. However, this board offers a lot of great exercises you can practice and use outside of the office.


These standing desk accessories are a must have for the professional who wants to continue to improve body health, posture, and reduce back pain from constantly standing still.

Adding movement into your day or being able to change from standing to sitting is a great way to work your muscles without overworking them.