How to Select the Best Standing Desk Chair and Stool

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With standing desks becoming a must have for health-conscious individuals, people often don’t think about having a standing desk chair.

Doesn’t having a chair at a standing desk cancel out the standing part? Continue on to find out what standing desk chairs are, what types are available, and what are some of the best ones.


Why You Should Think about Adding a Standing Desk Chair

You have made the conversion to a standing desk. This means you are now on the way to a better overall work environment and health improvement. So, why should you look into a standing desk chair?

While standing is preferred to sitting all day, you can have issues from standing all day as well. When you stand without movement, you can have pain from:

Man using a standing desk chair
  • Lack of good circulation
  • Tense muscles
  • Pressure on your feet
  • Inability for certain muscles to rest

In short, standing works a few of your muscles without giving them time to rest while being hard on your feet. The best way to counteract these issues is to add some movement into your standing.

Taking short walks will help move and circulate your blood better. When you stand, blood can pool in your feet. Also, walking will distribute your weight between your muscles. This allows them to have short breaks as you alternate your weight from one foot to the other.

However, sometimes you cannot leave your desk to stroll. So there is another option to help with movement. Chairs and stools made for standing desks were created. These are just unstable enough, so you work your muscles and move.

With a standing desk stool or chair, you will be leaning against it. You are distributing your weight through your hips, thighs, and calves instead of your calves doing all the work.

Some standing desk chairs also allow you to rock or swivel around while you are leaning against them. This can help with muscles which become tired. It also helps give your core a little mild exercise. Building up your core can help you find relief from lower back pain.

What You Should Look for in a Standing Desk Chair

When you are ready to start shopping for a standing desk chair, there are a few things you should take into consideration. This allows you to make the best decision. A standing desk chair is a great investment.


There are different types of seat pads you can choose from when you are looking at standing desk chairs. Some have a full seat while others have a padded long bar you lean against.

If possible, you should try out the different seats to see which would be more comfortable as you lean against. If you need more support or cushion, a full seat may be preferred.

If you cannot try out a chair, your next best option is to read online reviews. Most reviewers will leave detailed comments about the chairs they purchased. Some will even come back at a later time and leave an updated review.

Most pricier chairs will offer a satisfaction guarantee. So, if you do order a chair and it is not comfortable, you should have no problem returning it. Just make sure you read over the warranty and guarantees before you purchase.


When you are shopping for a chair, check the materials listed that were used to make it. While chairs made from metal, leather, and mesh fabrics can be a little more expensive, they will certainly last longer than a chair made from plastic parts and foam cushioning.

If you are looking for a chair you will use occasionally, then you can opt for the plastic parts. However, if this is going to be something you will use for hours every day, it is wiser to invest in the better materials.


While this may not be an option for most, there are a certain few who will want a chair that can travel. This is important for people who do not always work at the same desk or area every day.

This is also a feature you may be interested in if you want to take your leaning chair elsewhere. This could include the park, the library, or any other places where you would normally find yourself standing for periods of time.

Some of the simpler standing desk chairs can be folded down to accommodate ease of travel.


You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on a standing desk chair. If you are not able to spend that much or want to save as much as possible then you need to shop around.

Take a few minutes to look at the different chairs being offered and check different websites. Often times, putting an item in your online shopping cart and walking away can result in finding more discounts or coupons from the retailer.

Also, take into account different weekly sales. Ask if stores offer price matching. Another way you can save a little extra cash is to check for people selling their standing desk chairs online through marketplace communities such as Facebook.

Types of Standing Desk Chairs

There are a few different types of standing desk chairs you can choose from. Whether you are looking for a leaning chair, a wobbling stool, or just a simple tall chair for a standing desk, there is something out there to suit everyone.

Leaning Chair

A leaning chair is one that doesn’t always have a seat and is made for you to lean or brace against. This type of standing desk chair is good. It allows you to better distribute your weight through your core and legs instead of just having your calves do all the work while you are standing still.

The Active Collection Leaning Seat is a comfortable active seat which allows you to lean against it instead of sitting. It collapses down to be portable and can hold up to 300 pounds. The rubber foot is slip resistant and the body is made from reinforced fiberglass.

Feature Highlights

  • Non-slip, easy-to-clean seat cushion
  • Collapsible design

Standard Tall Chair

This is a taller version of the office chair and can resemble a bar stool at times. Using a tall chair allows you to split the time between sitting and standing so your legs and back don’t hurt from standing still for long periods.

The Cool Living Stand Up Desk or Chair is a great choice for a simple chair. It features an adjustable foot rest, five wheeled casters, and a durable fabric seat with back meshing.

Feature Highlights

  • Adjustable foot rest
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Durable fabric seat

Standing Desk Chair that Moves

A moving chair is one that usually will have you sit at an angle. It can wobble or swivel as you work. This type of chair may take a few days to get used to. It is great for working your core while you work.

The Wobble Chair is a highly rated adjustable desk chair. This active sitting chair is easy to sit on, fast to get up from, and allows you to perch against it. You can sit normally, lean against it, or use it as a balance-building workout.

Feature Highlights

  • Easy to sit on
  • Adjustable height
  • Tilts under your control
  • Seat Swivels 360-degrees


Standing desk chairs are a vital part of a standing workplace environment and can add a better way to rest without sitting down. Now that you know the different types of chairs and what to look for, you can shop with confidence. You can find the best standing desk chair for your daily needs.