VARIDESK Standing Desk Review

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Employees who rely on technology have endured the burden of sitting for extended periods of time. Sitting for such long time frames causes you to grow comfortable living such a sedentary lifestyle, which is probably not healthy for an adult regardless of their age.

Countless research points to the single fact that Americans, in particular, spend a vast majority of their time sitting, which explains the various health issues Americans tend to deal with. In fact, having a job that promotes a sedentary lifestyle can lead to numerous health problems. Researchers have developed a way to combat this problem.

As a result, the standing desk came into existence and revolutionized the standard office setup. For those who have never heard of such a desk, you may want to take a look at this. It may be the answer to prevent a sedentary lifestyle from becoming the norm effectively.

Standing desks are merely desks that have been built at heights appropriate for standing. Sitting in a stiff chair all day long no longer has to be your workplace reality.

VARIDESK, a well-known manufacturer of office tools that efficiently promote productivity, ?has built an innovative standing desk that comes with adjustable features. Not many standing desks feature such a user-friendly design, which gives you all the more reason to try out VARIDESK Standing Desk.

We took the time to research and review VARIDESK Standing Desk for those who are looking for innovative ways to remodel their office space. Keep reading to learn more about the impressive features a VARIDESK Standing Desk has to offer.


What Is A Standing Desk?

Desks built at a particular height that?s typically suitable for adults working in a standing position are known to be called standing desks. These desks can range in style and design, but all aim to provide the same results, which is to combat sedentary lifestyle habits. These innovative desks have been known to improve your health in the following ways:

  • Increases the size and strength of the muscles in our legs and feet
  • Assists in the prevention of blood clots and cardiovascular disease by facilitating stable blood flow to and from the heart as well as other parts of the body
  • Improves your awareness as well as focus levels

About The Product

Features of the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36:

  • Adjustable Height Function
  • Holds More than One Monitor Per Desk
  • Ensures Desk Stability in more than 11 Positions
  • Holds a Maximum of 35 pounds
  • Comes with Attached Keyboard & Mouse Deck
  • Comes Completely Assembled Upon Purchase
  • Surface Dimensions: 36 inches by 24 inches
  • Built with a Spring-Assisted Lift Mechanism
  • Product weight: 52.15 lbs

Adjustable Height & Easy To Use

VARIDESK is truly an innovative office tool that permits users to sit or stand. This sets it apart from other standard standing desk options, since this product gives you a choice.

In fact, VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk gives you the chance to listen to your body when it’s in a state of discomfort. You can then properly adjust this desk to optimally cater to your body’s needs.

Each of the 11 height adjustable positions is specifically created with the intention of making VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk applicable to people of all heights. This item is adjustable, fitting to your specific needs. After using VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk, you’ll never go back to using a regular desk since this standing one is built to adhere to your particular body type.

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk possess two handles used for adjusting the position of the desk tray. This easy-to-use mechanism makes adjusting this desk to your preferred position an effortless task that can be performed within a three-second time span.

You have VARIDESK?s patented spring-assisted lifting mechanism to thank, since it has been added to make the lifting process one that doesn?t necessarily require you to apply force.

Easy Assembly & Optimal Workspace Setup

Furthermore, unlike other standing desks, VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk does not require a large amount of time regarding assembly. In fact, no instructions are even needed to use this simple but effective product.

Additionally, the surface of this desk is a suitable size for individuals who need a larger workspace. One tier of the desk is set aside for monitor use only. Below that level, another space is set aside for the keyboard, mouse, and any other accessories.

Since there are sections of VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk dedicated to holding specific office products, users never have to worry about moving any of their items to another area when the time comes to adjust the height of the desk.

What Others Say

After examining countless reviews about VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk, a majority of buyers all agree that this desk comes with the most features that promote productivity.

On top of promoting user productivity, VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk will last you several years. This means this will be an office item that will stand by you through the best and worst of times.

Most standing desks typically break after two years of being used continuously, but the same thing can’t be said about VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk. Unlike other standing desks that lose strength when lifted, this desk can hold up to 35 pounds when extended to its full height.

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk is sturdy enough to trustfully hold the heaviest of monitors as well as anything else you wish to place on it, which is ultimately what you need from an office product.



  • plusSturdy
  • plusEasy to Use
  • plusNo Assembly Required
  • plusAdjustable
  • minusExpensive
  • minusNot Many Diverse Color Options Available


Today we live in a capitalistic world, in which employees are all too often faced with the challenge of maintaining healthy lifestyles while holding a prominent company position.

The invention of standing desks are beginning to revolutionize the corporate world. You should you apply the same logic to your in-home office and take part of the revolution.

VARIDESK Height Adjustable Standing Desk


No longer are we forced to sit for hours on end in front of a computer. We now possess the opportunity to stand and work simultaneously. Thankfully, the switch from sitting to standing decreases the negative effects that come with sedentary lifestyles.

You, too, can make the switch by using VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk. This standing desk comes with a breakthrough design that allows for height adjustments to give consumers the options they need that best adheres to their height.

Out of all the standing desks out there, the one I would highly recommend is hands down VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 Standing Desk. Reviewers are raving about how personal the product feels, and how easy it is to use, which is all you need from a standing desk.